Black Box RTD Remote Tuning Module for HP Tuners TDN Software

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The new Black Box RTD is designed for remote tune delivery. Built from the same mold as the MPVI3, the RTD Gen 3 revolutionizes remote tuning capabilities.

NOTE: On Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep vehicles, this device is currently recommended for use on 2015 through 2024 model year vehicles only. 

The new RTD is designed for remote tune delivery with professional tuners. This interface lets customers send vehicle read files and share data logs directly with your tuner and receive professional calibration files to flash to your vehicle via the TDN cell phone app. The RTD offers full iOS and Android support with the TDN app. 

Simple Setup:

  • Customer sends a read file after they receive their RTD device.
  • Using the TDN browser portal, your tuner can send a completed tune file to you.
  • You can then license your vehicle (credits are needed) and write to your vehicle’s ECM with the TDN app.
  • This entire process can be done on your mobile device via the TDN app, no need for a laptop or to download VCM Suite.

Unsure how many credits you need? Click HERE to find your vehicle and credit requirements per HP Tuners

*Add Required Engine & Transmission Credits Together To Get Total Credits Needed. i.e. 2015 Automatic Challenger with 8 speed = 6 Credits (2 engine/4 trans) 

More information available about custom tuning at MYHEMITUNER.COM  

If you are still unsure exactly what you need, just give us a call at 888-894-1115 and we would be glad to assist.