Veteran Owned & Operated

A message from our owner:


     "Hi everyone. My name is Joshua Schwartz and I am the owner of HHP. I served over a decade with the United State Air Force Reserve flying on the C-5 Galaxy aircraft, the largest military transport aircraft in the fleet. After countless years flying everything from disaster relief missions to Presidential support missions to a decade of post-9/11 operations in to numerous war zones I chose to hang up my wings in 2012 and focus on my family and my career. The experience and life lessons I gained from my service continues to guide me in every aspect of my life, and it can also be seen in how HHP operates. The core values on Integrity, Service and Excellence are what we aim to bring to every aspect of our shop and your shopping experience. These values have clearly helped us to achieve our high level of success through years of hard work, dedication and determination to be the best at what we do.

      What does any of this mean to you, the customer? This means a lot more than you may know. I thrive in an industry full of websites that take your money but don't ship products, I compete against shops that promise the world and routinely under-deliver, and I compete with tuners that claim to be the best yet they have never stepped foot on a dyno. It is these shops, websites and tuners that hurt consumer confidence across the board. With HHP, we are dedicated to our customers and our main goal is to make sure your build, no matter how large or small, is a complete success. Our goal is to over deliver every step of the way. In the Gen3 HEMI market, you could say that we are the total package.

Thank you for your business!

Joshua Schwartz, Owner
High Horse Performance, Inc."