Services & Installation


Here at HHP we understand that selecting the right parts to meet your needs is many times complicated by exhaustive searches to find the right place to complete the install. Though it's easy to find a shop that says they can do it, we also know that the great performance shops are extremely hard to find. For our US customers, we've taken the worry out of this. Our HHP tech's are the best in the business. They're extremely knowledgeable and have extensive training when it comes to the HEMI vehicles which comes in extremely handy since 99% of the vehicle's passing through HHP are HEMI cars. In addition, we work very closely with several area custom fabrication, restoration, body and paint, and custom interior/exterior shops that meet our extremely high standards enabling us to provide you all types of quality installation all while your car is under the close supervision of HHP. Your car will be meticulously cared for while in the hands of HHP. Our customers have always loved our superior customer service levels and we're ready to give your car the same attention. Give us a call at (888)894-1115 and let us know what you're interested in building.

Shop Installation Labor Rates:

Installation and Services are billed at a rate of $137.48 per hour for parts purchased from HHP. Please contact us for an estimate for your next install.

  • Cam and/or Valve Spring Repair and/or Installations
  • Cylinder Heads Repair and/or Repair and/or Installations
  • Stroker & Forged Engine Repair and/or Installations
  • Supercharger Repair and/or Installations
  • Turbo Kit Installations
  • Nitrous Kit Installations
  • Suspension Repair and/or Installations
  • Fuel System Installations
  • Transmission & Driveline Repair and/or Installations

Dyno-based Tuning: Tuning and testing is constantly taking place on our in-house DynoJet dynomometer. Curious how much horsepower your car is making or need to get your car running correctly? Normal tuning is estimated at $450.00 plus $100.00 per hour for Dyno Rental as needed to complete your tune. Certain combinations may run less, more complicated applications such as supercharged nitrous strokers on non-standard fuels typically cost more. We tune with the following softwares:

Chrysler/Dodge: Diablosport CMR Software
Dyno Testing Only: 3 Dyno Pulls for $150.00**
Dyno Rental: Billed per hour at $150.00/hr with Half, Full and Multi-Day rental discounts available**
** Other fees may be incurred for wideband use and leaded fuel use

Basic Services (parts additional):

CAI Installation: 1 Hour (most applications, fenderwell kits will be more)
Cat-Back Installation: 1.5 Hours (most vehicles when purchased through HHP)
Headers Installation: 8-10 Hours (vehicle dependent)
Spark Plug Change: 
2 Hours for V8 engines with 2 plugs per cylinder (incl. HEMI), w/o Superchargers
3 Hours for V8 engines with 2 plugs per cylinder (incl. HEMI), w Superchargers 
Standard Brake Pads/Rotors Installation, F or R: 1.5 Hours / axle
Standard Suspension Coil Spring Installation, F & R: 4-6 Hours
Standard Suspension Shock/Strut Installation, F & R: 4-6 Hours
Standard Suspension Coil Spring & Shock/Strut Installation, F & R: 6-8 Hours
Standard Coilover Suspension Installation, F & R: 8-10 Hours
Stall Converter Install: 8-10 Hours
Front & Rear End Suspension Alignment Price: $150.00+ (not including transport)
Performance Oil Change w/ Filter Price: $100-$150.00 (vehicle dependent)

These prices do not typically include additional costs such as fluids (excl. oil changes). Parts costs are not typically included in these labor rates listed.