Dyno & Email Tuning Request Form

With the most experienced Late Model HEMI tuners inhouse, HHP continues to be on the leading edge of performance tuning for today's late model EFI production cars. The tuning market is flooded with shops that possess the programming to write the tunes, but tuners that have the understanding of how these engines operate are very few and far between. With years of experience building and tuning a large majority of the fastest HEMI's on the streets and at the Track, let HHP apply their knowledge and experience to your vehicle.


For custom dyno or remote tuning requests, please fill out the following information request form and give us a rundown of your vehicle, your modifications and if you have a preference of what software you prefer to be tuned on. This will help us better estimate the cost of your custom tuning package and expedite scheduling your dyno or remote tuning session. Upon reviewing your information we will reach back out to you within typically 1 to 2 business days* to review your form and schedule your tuning session.
*During the race season we may take slightly longer to get back to you.


  • Year/Make/Model
  • All Engine Mods
  • All Intake/Induction Mods
  • All Power Adder Mods
  • All Exhaust Mods
  • All Fuel System Mods
  • All Transmission Mods
  • All Fuel Types to be Tuned
  • Any Additional Information that will affect our tuning (Major Suspension Mods, Conversions, Parts Removal, existing issues, etc.)
  • Timeframe Vehicle will be 100% Ready to begin tuning

NOTE: All tuning performed by HHP on vehicles driven on public streets must be done so in a federally emissions compliant manner. While we do tune non-street-legal, track/competition only vehicles, we cannot tune street-based non-emissions compliant vehicles or alter any part of your vehicle emissions tests. If you ask us to, you will not receive a reply back from us as we will not discuss anything pertaining to this.