Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S Tire P275/40R20 - 3401

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A street tire that can driven on the track....

ET Street S/S from Mickey Thompson is a D.O.T street legal drag tire with proven race compounds and incredible traction
Ì¢åÐåÊ D.O.T. approved for street use
Ì¢åÐåÊ Equivalent Tread Void as the ET Street Radial II, redistributed for improved hydroplane resistance while providing plenty of tread contact for excellent dry traction.
Ì¢åÐåÊ Proven R2 compound, the same proven compound used on the quickest "drag radials" on the planet provides superior traction at the strip while little or no burnout required.
Ì¢åÐåÊ Tubeless construction provides lead-free seal without the expense and hassle of tubes.

Material# 90000024577
Part# 3401
Size P275/40R20
Size Equivalent 29X11.50R20
Approx. Weight 33
Compound R2
Approved Rims 9.0-11.0
Measuring Rim 9.5
Section Width 10.8
Tread Width 9.9
Overall Diam. 29.0
Circ. 91.2