Mickey Thompson ET Street R Tire P305/45R18 - 3580

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A drag tire that can be driven on the street....
ET Street R from Mickey Thompson is a D.O.T street legal drag tire with proven race compounds and incredible traction

 D.O.T. approved for street use
 Minimal Tread Void provides excellent tread-contact.
 Proven R2 compound, the same proven compound used on the quickest "drag radials" on the planet provides superior traction at the strip while little or no burnout required.
 Tubeless construction provides lead-free seal without the expense and hassle of tubes.

Material# 90000024661
Part# 3580
Size P305/45R18
Size Equivalent 29X12.50R18
Approx. Weight 32
Compound R2
Approved Rims 9.5-11.5
Measuring Rim 10
Section Width 11.8
Tread Width 10.7
Overall Diam. 29.0
Circ. 91