JLT CAI2-DH64-11-1 Series II Cold Air Intake Oiled Filter for 21-23 Challenger & Charger SRT

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This kit includes a fully Roto Molded airbox that has an opening in the front to grab fresh air from the grille/headlight area and also seals to the hood. We feel this is the key component that puts our kit well above the rest.

Our filter is a custom-built design made by S&B. It has a built-in bell mouth for super smooth and fast airflow as well as huge 1" deep pleats for more surface area than filters that look much bigger.

The intake tube is roto-molded plastic with a huge 5" filer opening for superior airflow and NO heat soak like metal tubes.
With a mouth of 4" at the throttle body end, it is ready for any larger throttle bodies that may come in the future.

The standard finish is an OEM-looking black textured plastic.

Heat Shield 

  • Includes a new roto-molded plastic heat shield to block engine heat at idle and low speed.
  • It uses a large area to make sure the filter has tons of cool air.

Kit Includes:

  • JLT Black Textured Plastic Intake Tube
  • Silicone Reducer
  • 5x7 S&B Air Filter Red Oil
  • Roto molded Heat Shield
  • 4-3.5" silicone reducer
  • HD Clamps, all needed hardware

Gains and Testing:

  • 10-15 RWHP & 10-15 RWTQ are typical with this kit on a stock 6.4
  • We have seen 18-20 RWHP and RWTQ on a 6.4 with a cam and headers