HHP Racing Strengthened 5/16" Pushrods .083" Wall for Thitek Cylinder Heads

Product Code: HHP260
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HHP Custom length pushrods for Thitek heads.

- 8 Intake Pushrods at 6.750" Length
- 8 Exhaust Pushrods at 8.050" Length

Notes about our 3-piece custom pushrod pack:

  • Provides approximately 170,000 psi tensile strength
  • Hard Drawn 4130/4135 seamless chromoly tubing, the highest quality available from mills. Originally formulated for aerospace/aircraft use.
  • OEM style rockerarms should be used in conjunction with these pushrods because we do not case harden the tube for guide plate use.

Our specified lengths are based off standard deck height and head surfaces. If you are building an engine then normal surface cleanup should not affect your pushrod length. If you mill your heads beyond a basic cleanup level you may require a different pushrod length. We sell a pushrod measuring tool if you feel that your lengths may not be standard.