HHP Racing & BES CNC Ported Cylinder Head Pair for 09-23 Challenger, Charger, 300, RAM, Durango & Grand Cherokee 5.7L

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MSRP: $1,995.00
If you are sending in your head cores to be ported, it must be noted if you want your castings back. Otherwise, you will receive a reconditioned head from our stock. The wait time may be longer if you request your specific head cores be ported.
High Horse Performance is Veteran Owned & Operated

Working with noted Engine Builder Tony Bischoff of BES Racing Engines (Winner of the 2006, 2007 and with a Gen 3 HEMI, the 2010 Engine Masters Challenge! ...and yes, he won again in 2011!) we developed our best in class 5.7L Ported Cylinder Heads & matched Intake Manifolds back in 2006 and to this day our BES ported heads are in high demand for their horsepower records. Available for all NA, supercharged, turbocharged or Nitrous injected vehicles, our ported cylinder heads and intake manifolds are used on safe and consistent motor packages producing well over 1000 horsepower.

Our heads outperformed our own expectations and with our experience of working with and installing all of the competitors heads we're extremely confident that our HHP/BES Heads will beat the competition every time.

Why are out HHP/BES Racing Engine Cylinder Heads different from our competitors?

Not all ported heads are the same. Expert engine builders like BES know how to get all of the horsepower safely out of a cylinder head whereas a standard head porter may gain horsepower from their head porting, expert porting and a precision valve job can many times unleash 50% to 100% more power. What really sets our heads apart from our competitors is our porting process. Compare our CNC ported cylinder heads and ported intakes to that offered by our competitors. The added value behind our record holding cylinder heads lies in the high levels of experience that BES uses in their killer port and valve job designs.

How to choose the correct stage to go with:

Stage 1
Stock Hollow Stem Valves, Springs & Retainers. If you are just installing these ported and polished heads and intake without the installation in the near future of an aggressive cam then you will need our Stage 1 Heads Package. If you are installing the HHP Stage 1 Custom Cam, then you will only need to select our Stage 1 Heads Package to go with it if you choose to combine the two.

Stage 3
Stock Hollow Stem Valves, PSI Valve Springs, Manley Titanium Retainers, MOPAR Cages) If you are installing a fairly aggressive high lift cam, such as the new VVT Comp Limiter Camshafts or using these heads with a stroker motor then you will need to select our Stage 3 heads package or higher which comes with the necessary upgrades. We use a specially designed and tested valve spring from PSI with Titanium retainers combination that outperforms the competitions valve springs. Almost every competitor of ours is new to the market in our opinion. We've been working in these HEMI engines for 8 years now and because the majority of our competitors who also sell ported heads have only been around for a couple of years at the most, they don't have our level of experience with these HEMI heads. Early on, we tested and broke several manufacturer's valve springs and since this is the weakest part of the engine, we've developed a special combination using the PSI valve spring, Manley Titanium Retainer that fits inside the stock 6.1L spring cage that was introduced by Chrysler onto these HEMI heads in order to prevent a dropped valve in the event of a valve spring failure. Our combination performs flawlessly and our use of the OEM valve spring cage makes our cylinder heads the safest on the market because a broken $12 valve spring can easily grenade your entire engine. Way too many of our competitors are unknowingly putting you at risk. 

Stage 4
Larger Manley Solid Stem Intake and Exhaust Valves, PSI Valve Springs, Manley Titanium Retainers, Manley Locators, MOPAR Cages. If you are looking to get the most horsepower out of your stroker engine, but keeping it naturally aspirated or are using nitrous and not looking to run extreme rpm's, these are a perfect combination for you. For our standard street and track car that is maxing shift points out at approximately 6500 rpm, these are the best of the best and guaranteed to make the most horsepower. 

Stage 5
Larger Manley Hollow Stem Intake Valves, Custom Inconel Exhaust Valves, PSI Valve Springs, Manley Titanium Retainers, Manley Locators, MOPAR Cages. If you are looking to run big horsepower, with high boost and nitrous, and pushing the rpm's up to 7000 rpm or more these are our top of the line race heads for high horsepower street engines. For our standard street and track car, these are the best of the best and guaranteed to make the most horsepower.

Stage 6
Fully Custom Race Head Depending On Application, call for exact pricing. For the ultimate in HEMI racing, we do offer a dual valve spring head setup with modifications to accept Harland Sharp and Jesel rockers for track only combinations. We have matching camshafts specifically for these applications, too. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 888-894-1115. 


  1. Due to the extremely high value of cylinder heads a fully refundable core charge is applied. This core charge is refunded upon proper return of your serviceable stock 5.7L Heads in an undamaged, complete and serviceable condition. Damaged parts will be replaced and deducted from your core charge.
  2. If you're interested in Kooks long tube headers, the installation time and cost goes way down if you have it done at the same time your heads are installed since installation is much easier and quicker.

Installation at HHP in Delaware: We can also install your heads and intake for you at an awesome price, too, and from the outside you can't tell that any work has been done to your vehicle. Dealerships cannot tell unless they break into the engine. If you are unable to get your HEMI to us we can ship our heads to you in return for your stock heads - no core charges are involved! Installation requires oil change, coolant change and all new head bolts and gaskets. If you need to purchase new head bolts and gaskets, just let us know at the time of purchase.

Additional Parts Required:

  • MOPAR Head Gasket Kit
  • MOPAR Head Bolts (unless using studs)
  • Oil Change & Coolant Flush

DIFFICULTY: This modification should only be done by trained professionals. Installation time is on average 12 hours and requires trained expertise.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please call us at 888-894-1115 for more info regarding this package and what you will need to successfully complete the transformation of your vehicle into one of the baddest vehicles the HEMI world has ever seen. Let our experts help you plan out your build. At HHP, we carry EVERY part you will need to complete your entire build, and since we are a chain of installation shops as well, we can provide everything from inhouse installation and tuning to tech support and email tuning for the do-it-yourself mechanics.



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    Cylinder Heads

    Posted by Stephen weaver on Aug 5th 2021

    Received my HHP/BES Cylinder Heads!!! It was like receiving gold they were so clean and restored to peak performance heads!!! I would recommend the service & product to anyone looking to beef up there hemi!!!