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HHP/HEMITUNER 2015-2018* Dodge Hellcat Tuning Package (Includes New PCM)

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High Horse Performance is Veteran Owned & Operated
With years of high horsepower HEMI tuning experience, HHP with our elite partners at HEMITUNER Performance and Diablosport, have put the best tuning package together for your HELLCAT.

Still not convinced? What if we told you that...
1. The fastest Hellcat in the world runs this tuning package.
2. The 2nd fastest Hellcat in the world runs this tuning package.
3. The 3rd fastest Hellcat in the world runs this tuning package.
Need we go on? We can but then it would just look like we're gloating.

As the industry leaders in HEMI tuning, you can expect no less than the best tuning package on the market as we have dyno, street and track tested our tuning in order to get the highest level of performance out of these cars.

This kit includes:
1 Aftermarket Customized PCM
1 Diablosport Trinity 2 or inTune i3 Tuner
1 Custom HHP/HEMITUNER Email Tuning Package

To unlock your car's potential, provide us with your vehicle's VIN and Odometer mileage and we will send out an aftermarket PCM and the Diablosport Trinity Tuner you need to tune the vehicle. You will replace your vehicle's stock PCM with the aftermarket PCM through a simple process that should only take about twenty minutes by just unscrewing a few bolts. Once you have installed our modified PCM, you can install your Diablosport Trinity Tuner onto your car and save a copy of your stock tune. We will have you email that tune to us at and we will recalibrate it for the modifications you have on your car, whether it's a pulley change, exhaust or intake change, thermostat swap or even a race gas setup. One great feature of the Diablosport Trinity Tuner is that you can load multiple tunes onto it so you can keep unlimited tunes at your fingertips.

Notes/Disclaimers: This tuning package is sold for off-road-use only by HHP and our partners. We make no claims to our tuning being 100% emissions legal in all states and countries nor do we make any claims that our tuning is dealership friendly. Full responsibility for any use, and/or misuse of any HHP tuning package is done so solely at the customers own risk.

At this time this PCM service is currently available for :

2015-2016 Dodge Challenger 6.2L HELLCAT
2015-2016 Dodge Charger 6.2L HELLCAT

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