Gen3 Performance Parts Aluminum HEMI Bare Solid Race Block - 2021

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Gen3 Performance Parts Aluminum HEMI Bare Block - Solid Version 2021

For race specific builds up to 3,000 H



Block Applications: The G3PP aluminum blocks are designed to be a direct replacement for VVT 6.2L and 6.4L as well as non-VVT 6.1L/5.7L based Gen3 HEMI applications. 

Block Material: Aluminum 357T6 aluminum alloy

Deck Height: 6.1L or 6.4L per customer preference 

Block Weight: Pending

Deck Thickness: Solid. 

Cam Bearings: Cam tunnel is finish machined, bearings not included.

Main Bearings: Main bore is left undersized, to be fitted by engine builder

Main Caps: Includes billet main caps. Center 3 main caps are 6-Bolt billet. Front and rear main caps are 4-bolt billet.

Main Studs: ARP 244-5400 Included. Torque specs on main studs are not the same as iron blocks: XXX ft. lbs. inner & XXX ft. lbs. outer with oil. (TBD)

Lifter Bores: Standard location. Lifter bore size is standard Gen3 HEMI diameter 0.842”, can be machined to fit key-way lifter (Jesel) at an additional charge.

Cylinder Bores: 4.050” standard semi-finished bore. Cylinder bores are of a siamese design. Max Bore of this engine is 4.185".

Sleeves: Sleeves are a replaceable, centrifugal cast ductile steel pressed in with a .001” to -.002” fit. Sleeves do not protrude into the water and are considered to be a DRY sleeve.

Freeze Plugs: None required

Oil System Features: Block is set up for OE style internal oil pump or external.

Filtration: Standard Integral mount for spin on filter.

Oil Pan: Accepts OEM style Oil Pans and windage trays. As with any Gen3 HEMI it may be necessary to hand fit the oil pan gasket to ensure stroker crankshaft clearance.

Cylinder Head Bolt Holes: Head bolt holes are designed for the factory 11mm size. 1/2" available upon customer request.

Camshaft Tunnel: Made for 6.1 or 6.2L/6.4L OEM Camshaft Specs.
Note: Optional 60mm Cam Tunnel Available at additional charge.

Motor Mounts: Drilled and tapped for side mounts in OEM locations.

Bell Housing Pattern: Stock

Timing Cover: Accepts 6.1L, or Hellcat, 6.4L and VVT 5.7L timing covers.


Class Legal for Ultra Street, X275, Pro275. 

NHRA: Not Currently Legal. Contact HHP for more info.


Now Fully Manufactured in the USA!