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Driveshaft Shop 9" Direct Bolt-in Rear Conversion Kit (2006-2008 Charger, Magnum, 300) - CH9-LX1-A

Product Code: CH9-LX1-A
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High Horse Performance is Veteran Owned & Operated
The kit will come complete with 9" rear housing (bare housing), front mount,1400HP rated 31,33 OR 35 spline diff stubs and true 1400HP axles . The outer CV is a Extreme built Billet CV with fully REM polished internals along with a Porsche style 930 inner CV. We have custom made the internals of these CV's to use the larger center bar that is the strongest tested part on the market today and is used (not claimed) in each and every 9,8,7 and even 6 second IRS record breaking car out today. You are able to pick the level of the Diff you want, when we made this kit we used a .375 spacer on the front mount, this spacer will allow the use of a simple Nodular or Forged Aluminum case right up to the Pro-Bolt thru case without having to change anything (the pro-cases are longer, just remove the spacer and its ready)


This, along with our full 4" aluminum driveshaft using a CV in the front and a 1350 rear flange (or a $600.00 Carbon Fiber upgrade). This is not the smaller 1330 that is offered by a another manufacturer's rear conversion, but a full CV capable of 6000ft lbs of torque and no odd vibrations from a male/female slider that was designed for a 4X4 vehicle. Our CV shafts are balanced on our new 9500RPM balancer. A quick word about balancing; we have recently taken delivery of our new custom made balancer. Most balancing machines can only spin a shaft from 400RPM-3000RPM, although these are good machines, they do not see the unique problems that the modern muscle car presents. These newer cars are uni-body and have most of the components bolted directly to the floor, so a real high speed balance is needed. We guarantee that this shaft will not vibrate at any speed.


The installation of the kit will a simple bolt on job (we still offer the one needing fabrication for the Serious HP guys). The rear bolts right in and it will be the last rear you will ever need for the car (unless you want different gears for different tracks). All fabrication work for the differential mounting is being done by Scott Bagshaw of Bagshaw fabrication Mooresville, NC. The execution is a work of art.
The cars computer will work with these gears 2.83, 3.06, 3.23, 3.55, 3.73, 3.92, and 4.10.