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DISCONTINUED Per4mance Development Extreme Differential Brace - P4D-BRACE-EXTREME

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While Per4Mance Development has had superior results with our current brace kits, the Extreme brace kit is designed to provide next level protection for enthusiast owners who are hunting 8's or doing other over the top mods to their Hellcat, Demon and the new Redeye. This brace kit is close to overkill but that's why we did it!

This brace kit works on all 2015 and newer Dodge Challenger and Charger models. Kit includes steel brace, hardware, rubber isolator, Loctite and decal.

Features include:

  • 1/4" US-made steel construction
  • Utilizes OEM differential case bolts
  • Both ends capped
  • Cross-member holes enlarged to use 10mm bolts with self-locking nuts (8mm hardware will also be supplied for 2015-2016 cars)
  • Full length 90 deg. bend with 1" of added steel
  • Access to differential filler plug without removing brace
  • Available in gloss black or brake caliper red
  • Self-locking tool-less inserts for mid-2016 and newer cars

This brace kit will work with all aftermarket exhausts.

TECH UPDATE! - Torque Specs
The purpose of this update is to provide torque spec information for the differential main case bolts for our current brace line-up.
The main case bolts are to be torqued to a minimum of 80 ft./# and up to up to 90 ft./#'s if desired. Due to variances in design and strength of crows-foot socket heads, achieving 80 ft./#'s is not always attainable without the socket head flexing off the bolt head. In those instances, torque to 50 ft./#'s and then switch to a high quality open end wrench (extended if possible) and rotate the bolt another 100-120 degrees to attain a torque spec of 80-90 ft./#'s.

We are asked frequently about a torque spec for the cross-member bolts and there is not one. Tighten those bolts until there is a consistent squeeze (1mm bulge) across the rubber isolator. After initial installation, check tightness after 100 miles and regularly after that based on the level of track/roll/drag racing you participate in. It is not uncommon for the differential to "settle" in and require fine-tune tightening of the cross-member bolts.

Please contact us for any additional questions at Check your spam folder if you do not see a timely response in your inbox.


Use of an aftermarket brace will impact the manufacturer's warranty on the differential. Purchaser assumes all responsibility for installation and use.