UPR 5030-271-1 Plug N Play Fender Mount Oil Catch Can Black for 21-24 RAM TRX

Product Code: 5030-271-1
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NEW for your Ram TRX! The UPR Plug N Play ™ Catch Can Features Multiple Chamber and Multiple Stages along with a complex series of Coalescing Filters at different micron levels. Along with being the only Plug N Play ™ Catch Can System,  it features a solid mount to the Passenger Fender which allows the use of aftermarket pulley and tensioner systems without interference.  This system also features a quick release knob that allows you to push the button on the fittings to be able to remove the entire catch can without any tools. TRX owners should be aware of the 2-chamber catch cans that run a screen like the units listed below They are just inferior copies of one another without any improvements to the design or oil separation performance. In other words, they can't stand up to the innovative design of the UPR billet catch can! Moroso Catch Can – Inferior 2 Chamber Pull Through Oil Catch Can with Generic Screen Speed Logix Catch Can – Inferior 2 Chamber Pull Through Oil Catch Can with Generic Screen Billet Technology Catch Can – Inferior 2 Chamber Pull Through Oil Catch Can with Generic Screen The Lack of efficiency in 2-chamber Catch Cans has been tested and proven to allow as much oil into the intake as it collects not providing a true solution for oil ingestion into the manifold and combustion chamber. Mainly because the design requires a better-engineered diffuser system and not just a generic screen. It's very important to catch as much oil as possible. The primary function of an oil separation system is to eliminate fuel degradation and any possibility of engine knock known as detonation from oil entering the combustion chamber.

  • New Billet Fender Mount Bracket (shown in satin, shipping in black)
  • 5/8" Billet Hose Ends (Black)
  • 5/8" Plug N Play ™ fittings
  • Show Quality Machine Finish
  • Billet Catch Can Size 3" x 6.5"
  • Multi-Chamber Billet Catch Can
  • 5/8" Continental INSTA»GRIP Braided Hose
  • Large 11 ounce oil capacity holds the most oil in it's class
  • Includes new mounting hardware for a complete installation
  • Available in Satin or Black
  • Made in the USA!

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