UPR 5028-280 Billet Oil Catch Can for 21-24 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392

Product Code: 5028-280 / 5028-280-1
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UPR now offers the very best patented catch can system for any application. Designed to be an exact fit on your Jeep Rubicon 6.4L 392. This system will eliminate oil from entering your intake by engine blow-by, which channels oil and trash into your direct air stream from the valve train. This is a common problem on both brand new and especially older engines, which just suffer more from blow-by due to wear and tear.

The most common problem is making your car emit light blueish white smoke upon startup or even during normal driving. The throttle body handles your main air stream and has a breather tube running from the crankcase to the throttle body. The vacuum from the incoming air stream and positive pressure in the crankcase combine to get oil in the air-tract.

Every car and vehicle is set up this way to help eliminate the pressure build-up in the bottom end of your engine enabling the piston to move up and down with less resistance.

The UPR catch cans feature a Multi-Stage Multi-Chamber containment system that delivers the best coalescing and condensing of oil fuel and moisture that gets sucked through the PCV to be properly captured and contained through the patented flow process that has been tested to be the best oil separator system in the industry. This kit is easy to install and includes UPR's exclusive Plug N Play ™ fittings.

These new catch cans are one of the most needed performance and protection enhancements for the demand of the modern day PCV systems. We have had thousands of customers install our new Patented UPR Catch Cans and get immediate results in both idle quality and vehicle performance.

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