Thitek Complete CNC 2.200"/1.65" Dual Spring Cylinder Head Set - 100-2220

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The Thitek GIIIH "Bear" is the first aftermarket available cylinder head for the Late Model Hemi platform. A true bolt on cylinder head design that replaces the factory cylinder head with no other modifications needed.

Thitek CNC ported and assembled cylinder heads arrive ready to install into your GenIII Hemi. A true bolt on head design that replaces the factory cylinder head with no other modifications needed. The Dual Spring version comes standard with PSI 1512 dual springs, titanium retainers, and solid stem intake & exhaust valves. Bronze guides, ductile iron seats, viton valve Seals round out the parts package.

Tech Specs:

  • A356 T6 Aluminum
  • Completely New Casting
  • Form Treads
  • Increased Deck Thickness
  • Increased Port Wall Thickness
  • Interchangeable (Left – Right)
  • Reinforced Rocker Arm Stands

Port programs available are 200cc 2.125", 205cc 2.165" or 210cc 2.200" with the dual valve spring. All heads use a 1.650" exhaust valve standard. Standard on all heads is a 5 angle intake valve job, radius exhaust valve job that both use a 45 degree seat and a back cut on the intake valve.

The ultimate in performance upgrade for your G III / IV late model engine. Airflow has been increased from over 75 cfm on the 2.125" 200 cc head to over a whooping 100 cfm on the 2.165" 205cc head over factory as cast cylinder heads. A high flow exhaust port design increases airflow over 50 cfm over the factory designs.

Standard Parts:

  • Bronze Valve Guides
  • Ductile Iron Valve Seats
  • Machined And Hardened Locks And Locators
  • PSI 1512 Dual Valve Springs
  • Single Radius Groove 7 Degree Locks
  • Solid Stem Intake & Exhaust Valves
  • Titanium Dual Retainer
  • Viton Valve Seals

Increased performance and reliability are two of the main benefits of using the "Bear". Gains in performance over factory ported cylinder heads have been seen over 50+ rear wheel and gains at the track of over a full second in the quarter mile. Boost levels can be increased over what was reliable with a factory cylinder head casting, head gaskets stay put when using high boost pressures.