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SunCoast NAG1 722.6 Category 1 Upgraded Torque Converter - SC-722.6-C1

Product Code: SC-722.6-C1
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Features and Benefits:


  • Furnaced brazed fins
  • Custom turbine and pump fin angle adjustments
  • Custom modified stator assembly
  • New Torrington thrust bearing construction
  • Upgraded turbine spline
  • New Torque converter clutch
  • Precision balanced dynamically to exact tolerances
  • Custom Zero-Drag Suncoast Torque Converter Clutch
  • Manufactured and tested in Fort Walton Beach Florida.


The 722.6 Mercedes-Benz 5G Tronic or in Chrysler applications this transmission is identified as the "New Automatic Gearbox Generation One", or NAG1 is an electronically controlled 5-speed transmission.


The 722.6 transmission is equipped in a large variations of automobiles from Mercedes Benz to Chrysler. In the Chrysler Platform the 722.6 is equipped in the Jeep, 300M, Magnum, and the Charger.


This upgraded Suncoast 722.6 is available in a variety of stall speeds. Each one of these converters are manufactured and assembled here in the USA at our facility here in Fort Walton Beach Florida.


Each 722.6 torque converter receives custom fin angle manipulation to both the turbine and the pump depending on your specific needs. All fins are furnaced brazed for improved stability and reliability for many years to come.


Turbine splines are hardened and we upgrade to torque converter clutch for improved performance.


This 722.6 torque converter also includes our innovative Zero-Drag torque converter clutch system that not only reduces parasitic loss but increases power you put to the ground.


This 722.6 torque is by far the best bang for the buck in the industry today.