Stainless Works 1-7/8" Long Tube Headers with Catted Mid Pipes for 06-23 Challenger, Charger, Magnum & Chrysler 300 6.1/6.2/6.4L & 09-23 5.7L RWD - HM64HDRCAT

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These Stainless Works long tube headers fir you 6.1L / 6.2L / 6.4L / 5.7L VVT Hemi and are made from 304 stainless steel featuring mandrel bent 2" primaries tig welded to 3/8" laser cut flanges with high-flow catalytic converter lead-pipes that fit factory connection point or Stainless Works exhausts. Comes Install-Ready with all adapters, necessary clamps, O2 extensions, bolts and RTV silicone. Designed for optimal flow and built in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA

This system includes different reducer sizes so that mid-pipes can be bolted to both 5.7L and 6.1L/6.4L cat-backs.

Catalytic Converter Options:

  • Standard Cats: These high-performance catalytic converters work great when it comes to giving you better performance from a higher flowing cat while keeping your exhaust gases in check and your car emissions legal in most US states. These Metallic cats do have their limitations and cannot handle the extreme exhaust temperatures seen in highly modified forced induction vehicles. The standard cats are recommended for use on vehicles up to 600BHP.
  • GESi: High Platinum, high performance catalytic converters. These are 400 cell count EPA legal cats and can handle the high exhaust gas temperatures of highly modified forced induction vehicles on pump gas or ethanol fuels. These cats are rated to support over 1700BHP!

For Racers:

  • If you race competitively in sanctioned events on non-public roads where Federal EPA compliance and regulations allow for you to operate a motor vehicle under non-regulated conditions, simply Add the "Race Day Pipes" for a quick and easy racing solution to save your catalytic converters for the streets. 

Installation Instructions