Southern HotRod War Viking NAG1 722.6 4WD Transmission - SHR-21004

Product Code: SHR-21004
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High Horse Performance is Veteran Owned & Operated

06-13 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Engineered for High Power street vehicles

  • ALTO Red Eagle friction material
  • MAX Capacity K3 clutch support
  • MAX duty freewheel clutches
  • MAX duty O-ring and seal kit
  • New pan

Our build process...

  • Complete transmission tear down
  • Thorough parts wash
  • Complete and detailed inspection
  • Measure all critical dimensions
  • Full "DRY" stack up build 
  • Set friction clearance to SHR specification
  • Valve Body tear down
  • Multi step cleaning process
  • Detailed inspection
  • Vacuum test all valves
  • Machine and replace valves as needed
  • Full hydraulic operational verification test (Valve Body)
  • Bead blast transmission case
  • Final "WET" build  

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