Southern Hotrod SHR-21020 Viking Transmission Kit for NAG1 722.6

Product Code: SHR-21020
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Complete SHR VIKING kit for the NAG1 722.6 Transmission 

  • Alto Red Eagle friction material K1, K2, K3, B1, B2
  • Alto High Energy friction material B3
  • Kolene K1, K2, K3, B1, B2, B3 steels
  • Machined K1 piston
  • Machined K2 piston
  • Machined K3 piston
  • Machined K3 top steel
  • Machined B2 top steel
  • MAX duty Freewheel clutches F1 & F2
  • MAX duty O-ring and seal kit
  • Filter