Rob Goss X275 World Record Challenger DragPak

In the highly competitive world of X275 drag racing, 2000+ horsepower cars dominate. Over the course of several years Rob Goss and his HHP built & maintained DragPak Challenger have taken the Gen3 HEMI platform to new heights in a drag racing world dominated by GM and Ford. They have proven to the world that the HEMI is not only a competitive platform, but it also deserves to be feared. The team of Rob Goss and his Crew Chief, HHP's Bruce Maichle have paid their dues to the HEMI gods and the result is the baddest Challenger you've ever laid your eyes on that runs 1/4 miles times at well over 200mph!


Rob is the current Gen 3 Hemi world record holder with his 6.690 @ 211.46mph run. Check out the video: