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PSI Valve Springs for ALL VVT Hemi Applications PSI-LS1515ML

Product Code: PSI-LS1515ML
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High Horse Performance is Veteran Owned & Operated
In order to run the higher lift limiter cams on the 5.7L VVT and 6.4L VVT HEMI's, you will need to upgrade your stock valve springs. Through our testing which has involved the breaking of many other valve spring combination's that are currently on the market, we have come to find that this special PSI spring kit is the most reliable. When you make as much power as HHP does with the HEMI's, the weakest part of the motor is the valve spring. Break a spring and chances are you'll drop a valve and blow up your motor. A $270 part can cost you $ thousands $ in repairs. We run this spring on all of our head and cam VVT cars and strokers in order to prevent failure.
Comes with one (1) set of Max Life PSI valve springs. Fits all 5.7 VVT and 6.4 VVT Hemi applications. These springs must be installed with shims on the 6.4L. Contact HHP for more information regarding this.

Please see our spring kit combinations if you require the retainers, shims or locators. HHPSPRINGKIT1 (non-VVT 1511) or HHPSPRINGKIT2 (VVT 1515)

Springs must be shimmed or use Manley locators to achieve correct height.