ProTorque Superflex Flexplate for Gen III HEMI 5.7L/6.1L/6.2L/6.4L with NAG1/8HP70/8HP90 Factory Transmission or TH400 and Powerglide Conversion - 047-0225

Product Code: 047-0225
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SUPERFLEX Flexplates are made to Boninfante’s precise, unrivaled quality and safety standards and feature:

  • One-piece design with integral ring gear
  • Specially selected aerospace grade alloy steel from USA steel mills
  • Proprietary 3-stage heat treating process
  • Hard machined to exacting tolerances (.002 TIR)
  • Boninfante’s proprietary stress proofing and finishing process
  • Beautiful matte black finish
  • Multiple torque converter bolt patterns
  • Laser marked
  • Tested to 20,000 RPM which exceeds SFI safety standard 29.2
  • Superflex suggested rated up to 3,500hp
  • 1-piece flex plate
  • 131 ring gear teeth
  • lightening pockets