Precision Industries 699015 The Viper Dual Disk Torque Converter for 05-14 Challenger, Charger, Magnum, 300C & Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7/6.1/6.4L

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Precision Industries assembly and manufacturing uses state of the art CNC equipment to bring a high degree of sophistication and accuracy to the final product. The PI product holds close and repeatable tolerances to assure a final product worthy of your confidence. State of the art electronic balancing of your final assembly assures smooth, wear-free operation. The item that sets PI apart from others in the industry is availability of a specially designed dynamometer for product development. This testing capability gives insight into performance tradeoffs heretofore only able to be gained by expensive trial and error on track. The dynamometer test facility is capable of generating loads matching even the highest horsepower of racing vehicles which use automatic transmissions and torque converters. Data gathering and instrumentation is computerized. This modern method of data collection allows close scrutiny of relative loads and highly accurate measurement of time responses and transients. This aids in the trimming of those hundredths of a second off times to make winners.

A. Normal driving is not affected by stall speeds up to approximately 3000 RPM, particularly with a good converter. A car will begin to roll normally when a higher stall speed converter is used. Quick acceleration will be favorably influenced by stall speed. A very high stall speed (above 3000 RPM) would not be satisfactory for street use. Precision's double plate torque converter is designed for performance street and track use and provides the best of both worlds. For high horsepower applications over 500 ft-lbs of torque, we suggest upgrading to the Precision 3-Plate torque converter. Compared to other converters on the market, this 2-plate Precision is extremely tight at light throttle driving. They utilize efficient, high-torque multiplication cores and stall speed increases of 400-600rpm or more depending upon HEMI application.
  • 4140 heat treated impeller and turbine hubs hub
  • Fully furnace-brazed impeller and braced turbine 
  • 2-Year free re-stall 
  • 5-Year unconditional warranty
  • Forged and CNC machined front cover
  • Electronically balanced