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Original Concept Design - 8 Rib Pulley Kit - OCD-8R

Product Code: OCD-8R
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Original Concept Design 8-Rib Pulley Kit - OCD-8R

As seen on the world's quickest Dodge Magnum, built by HHP!

This kit includes a new factory water pump with the 8-rib water pump pulley pressed on. Also includes an A/C clutch assembly, which will have to be installed and properly clearanced. Also includes Power Steering Pulley, if applicable, and an Alternator pulley, as well as the shim packs for the A/C and Alternator pulley.

Note: Requires upgrade to or modifications of ATI damper to handle the 8 rib belt, requires upgrades to tensioners and blower pulley combinations capable of supporting the 8 rib. Requires professional installation by an experienced installer or fabricator. Contact HHP for more information.

Always check belt alignment and adjust back spacing as necessary. Laser alignment tools have been found to be extremely useful when installing mods such as this.