Nitrous Outlet Hellcat/Trackhawk Complete Plate Kit by HHP Racing (2015+ SRT8 6.2L Dodge Challenger, Charger, Jeep Grand Cherokee) - HHP-HC-CUSTOM-NO

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Nitrous Outlet Hellcat Nitrous Plate Kit by HHP Racing

With years of experience racing Hellcats under our belt, we have put together the perfect kit for anyone wanting to safely add up to 200 more horsepower to their 6.2L Hellcat or Trackhawk. These are the parts we use on our record setting builds, chosen for their effectiveness and their simple ease of use for the average novice or highly experienced racer. 


  • Nitrous Outlet 2015+ SRT 6.2L Supercharged Hemi Hellcat 92mm or 105mm Plate System (10LB Bottle)
  • Nitrous Outlet 180* Blow Down Tube (Black Fitting)
  • Nitrous Outlet NHRA Blow Off Valve Fitting and Pressure Disc (mounts on bottle)
  • Nitrous Outlet 6an Purge Kit
  • Nitrous Outlet Single Billet Nitrous Bottle Bracket
  • Nitrous Outlet Bottle Pressure Gauge (mounts on bottle)
  • Nitrous Outlet 00-60002 Pressure Switch (mounts on bottle)
  • ARC 12V & 120V Dual Voltage Bottle Heater
  • NOS MINI Progressive Nitrous Controller

* Additional bottle comes with high flow valve, billet NHRA blowoff valve and disc, 0-1500 psi gauge, -6 nipple fitting and an extra adjustable bottle pressure switch to mount on the bottle.


  1. Use of Nitrous requires custom tuning. 
  2. Use of Nitrous on supercharged vehicles requires the use of higher octane race fuels. Check with your tuner.
  3. Never leave the bottle open while the engine is turned off.
  4. Never perform a burnout with the nitrous kit in the armed position.

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