MOPAR 68166434AD Hellcat 6.2L BGE HEMI Bare Engine Block

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Genuine Brand New OEM Mopar Hellcat Bare Block - Cast Iron.

OEM replacement and factory color for Hellcats, Trackhawk, TRX. Also fits Demon and Redeye. 

NOTE: When this Hellcat Bare Block is unavailable from MOPAR, we recommend using the Mopar Big Gas 6.4L VVT Bare Engine Block as a great alternative. It is the same casting as the Hellcat block. The only notable differences between this Hellcat block and the BGE (aka 392 Truck Block) is the exterior color (normally black on the BGE block, orange on the Hellcat version) and the bores on the BGE have not been torque plate honed. For most customer applications this does not affect their builds in any way since most engine shops can easily paint a block and engine shops are torque plate honing the cylinders again. The benefit of torque plate honing is that in theory it results in engines that produce slightly more horsepower.