Metco Motorsports Supercharger Pulley Kit for 15-Current Challenger, Charger, Durango SRT Hellcat, RAM TRX & Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk 6.2L

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Use of this pulley requires custom PCM calibration/tuning. Click here for the for Hellcat Tuning Package

Metco Motorsports is now offering a precision-made supercharger pulley upgrade for the Hellcat! Like all Metco Motorsports pulleys, this pulley is an interchangeable unit that is based on a precision-machined, electroless nickel-plated steel pulley hub, an interchangeable pulley drive ring, and a stock-appearing front pulley cover. The pulley ring and cover are anodized in black, and all included fasteners are stainless steel or zinc plated.

Please choose your desired pulley ring size from the drop-down list below. All components are available separately, so once you have our pulley on your Hellcat, a boost change is as simple as changing the outer pulley drive ring. All boost level changes require the appropriate PCM revisions and the proper supercharger belt. Please note that quoted boost gains are approximate, and that your results may vary. The 2.85" pulley is intended for street applications, while the 2.75" and smaller pulleys are intended for race applications or applications using supplemental injection.

Additional Information from HHP:
  • We've found that the Gates K100572HD belt works well with the 2.75 and 2.85 pulleys and stock crank pulley (15-16psi). This part is available in our webstore.
  • We've found that the Gates K100594HD belt works well with the 2.75" and 2.85 pulleys and ATI Crank pulley (17-18psi). This part is available in our webstore.
  • We recommend purchasing our HHP Hellcat Crank Pin Kit and completing this installation with your upper pulley upgrade. This part is available in our webstore.
  • The 2.85 Pulley works perfect with Mopar Demon fuel injectors. The 2.75 may require larger fuel injectors. We recommend the ID1050, available in our webstore.
  • Custom tuning IS required. Contact HHP for more information. We have it available, and you guessed right, it's in our webstore.
Note:  The original supercharger pulley threads off the blower shaft once the top of the supercharger has been removed and the snout separated from the case.  Metco manufacture a steel insert that accepts a 15/16" wrench or socket just for the purpose of un-threading the original pulley, available separately under part number HPT1000, or in the drop-down above.  The unique Metco pulley hub design incorporates a similar 1" hex, so a wrench or socket can be used on the pulley hub itself for installation.  The Pin Holding Tool, HPT2000, is also available to assist in holding the supercharger pulley shaft stationary while the hex tool is used to unscrew the original supercharger pulley.  The Pin Holding Tool requires the optional adapter to properly fit the larger supercharger used in the Demon and Redeye application.