Metco Motorsports Pin Holding Tool Adapter for Demon, Challenger Redeye, Charger Redeye 6.2L

Product Code: HPT2001
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Pin Holding Tool Adapter

For Demon & Redeye Applications

This adapter is necessary to use our HPT2000 Pin Holding Tool on the larger supercharger found in the Demon & Redeye Applications. The supercharger pins in these larger blowers are recessed, and bolting this adapter to our HPT2000 Pin Holding Tool allows the unit to reach inside the rear of the snout to secure the pins and keep the supercharger shaft from turning while the pulley is changed.

This unit is CNC-machined from high-grade steel, and mounts to the Pin Holding Tool with the provided Grade 8 hex bolts. It is approximately 2" in diameter.

This unit can only be used with the HPT2000 Pin Holding Tool.