Manley Pro Series 4.050" Stroke Forged Crankshaft for 13-Current 5.7/6.4L VVT - 191858

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*Note: When installing these crankshafts in a VVT engine, you also need to order a crankshaft gear spacer part number 42000. This part is included with the proper vehicle years selected in the dropdown above.

Manufactured from a premium 4340 steel forging, these cranks feature a 4.050" stroke which can turn your 5.7L into a 392 c.i. engine and your 6.1L/6.4L into a 426 c.i. engine. The Manley 4.050" stroke HEMI crankshaft features small block Chevy small journal (2.000") crank pin diameters and widths. This provides taller "side walls" on the crankshaft rod journals for better oil control and reduced windage. The counterweights are profiled for 6.125" length connecting rods. All crankshafts are shipped with either a 32 tooth or 58 tooth reluctor wheel installed.

Note: All 2012 and earlier 58 tooth reluctor wheels have a tooth width of .170". All 2013 and later 58 tooth reluctor wheels have a tooth width of .130" along with a dimple in the rear face of the wheel.

Note: Manley crankshafts are not intended for use with highly boosted roots style cog belt superchargers.

4340 material forging Multi-step heat treatment process and Nitrided for added strength Stress relieved, shot-peened, and 100% magnafluxed Micro polished large radius journals (narrowed rod bearings required) Dual keyed post for supercharger drive pulleys Gun drilled mains and lightened rod journals for weight reduction Counterweights fully profiled