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Since the Hellcat first hit the market in 2015, it's been thoroughly debated as to how much safer a clutched style decoupling pulley like the OEM supercharger pulley would be on modified Hellcats. Litens comes through with their high quality heavy duty Hellraiser pulley line using OEM technology and quality. Using the OEM design developed specifically by Litens these pulleys and accessory components will reduce stress and associated wear on your supercharger's bearings and rotors while helping you reach maximum performance.


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HellRaiser for Hellcat - 3.17HellCat Billet Tensioner & Idler Kit

Litens is the world leader in belt tensioning and vibration control devices. For more than 30 years, Litens Automotive Group has designed and produced transmission systems and components. This group has a great history of engineered solutions toward automotive power transmission trials, providing innovative solutions where other companies have become stagnant.

Litens Automotive breakthrough solutions provide customers and OEMs worldwide with products and systems that lead to significant real-world fuel efficiency and improvements in emissions while driving experience with natural vibration reductions. Innovative latest heavy-duty goods can enable significant improvements in FEAD system durability resulting in improved utilization time for commercial vehicles. Technology growth and launch geared towards today's worldwide technology needs. 

Warranty: 1 Year manufacturer parts warranty against materials and manufacturing defects from date of purchase. If your Litens product fails within the warranty period please contact HHP for the Hellraiser RPA Form. All warranty issues are handled directly through Litens and in most cases products need to be returned for inspection by Litens. 




Special Notes for getting the most out of your Hellraiser product:

Note 1: NEVER USE AIR TOOLS. Use of air tools to remove your OEM pulley will damage your snout. Use of air tools to install the Litens pulley will damage the pulleys internals resulting in premature failure.

Note 2: Pinning of the lower crankshaft pulley is not believed to be required with use of this pulley but no liability is assumed or implied by High Horse Performance, Inc. if damage is incurred due to an unpinned crank. We typically pin the lower crank pulley any time we use a blower pulley 2.75" or smaller.

Note 3: Litens highly recommends against the use of additional idlers or heavy duty tensionsers other than their own. Use of these products will void the manufacturers warranty on the pulley if it were to fail.

Note 4: Litens recommends only using the supplied or recommended Bando OEM quality belts. For customers running Hellraiser pulleys with larger aftermarket crank pulleys we sell the heavy duty Bando 10PK1504ASP belt. Use of other HD belts, including "Green Back" belts will void the manufacturers warranty if it were to fail. 


These products fit the following 6.2L HEMI Vehicles:

  • 2015+ Dodge Challenger Hellcat
  • 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon
  • 2019 Dodge Challenger RedEye
  • 2015+ Dodge Charger Hellcat
  • 2018+ Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
  • 2021 Dodge Durango Hellcat

Typical Results of the 2.85 Pulley on 93 Pump Gas: 750rwhp-800rwhp depending on supporting mods and weather


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