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Kenne Bell "Dual Boost-A-Pump" 21V Plug N Play (2018+ Demon, Redeye and Trackhawk) - KB89092P

Product Code: KB89092P
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High Horse Performance is Veteran Owned & Operated
Don't take a chance on running out of fuel on a modified Demon or Trackhawk. This is the original time proven voltage booster concept introduced by Kenne Bell in 1996. Used on all our supercharger for the Demon. Our latest Boost-A-Pump¨ System was engineered to support the HP increases for the popular supercharged Dodges and Jeeps with both stock and aftermarket superchargers including the latest even more powerful Mammoth¨ and BIGUN¨ Kenne Bell 4.2, 4.7 and 4.9 Liquid Cooled Twin Screw kits. There is a lot of misinformation and lack of good data out there, so don't be talked into dumping the $1075 stock Hellcat fuel pump. It is the largest stock pump that we ever tested - and we test a lot of fuel systems.
The Boost-A-Pump¨ increases fuel delivery over 100%. Higher HP requires more fuel. After 22 years, who doesn't know the Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump¨ is the easy and inexpensive approach to guaranteeing the additional fuel when needed? How do we compare to the latest 2 and 3 pump billet hat systems? By comparison, a single stock pump with 21V Boost-A-Pump¨ at 732L/HR is very close to the 780L/HR of three (3) big Walbro GSS340 (260L @ 60 psi/12V) pumps and more than two (2) of the popular 750HP rated F9000267 (323L @ 60 psi/12V=646) expensive hat systems (732L vs 646L). Is the expense of a new 3 pump system worth a mere 86 com?
The Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump¨ supports all the HP 99% of Demon owners need without the expense, complexity and noise of multiple pump systems.
  • Recommended for any modified Demon or Trackhawk.
  • Quiet operation. No irritating noisy "full time" pumps while idling or cruising.
  • No fuel lines, hat, pump, regulator and wiring upgrades required.
  • Regulates pump voltage so fuel flow is not affected by electrical loads and voltage variations.
  • Locked to 21V.
  • Boost Activation Switch operates Boost-A-Pump¨ only at boost levels above 5 psi. Doesn't affect normal driving.
  • All necessary wiring and hardware included.
  • No complicated pausing, delaying or ramping necessary.
  • No computers, tuning or linking required.
  • Quiet operation. Only activated under boost when extra fuel is needed.
  • High quality components. Not necessary to mount in the cool passenger compartment like others.
  • For 2018 Demon & Trackhawk.