Holley Power Steering Kit Early Car Low Pressure for Gen III Hemi Swaps - 97-378

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The late-model factory power steering pump on the Mopar Gen III Hemi engines has too much pressure for the steering box on most older muscle cars & trucks. These special Saginaw type II power steering pumps produce the proper pressure, and the pulley is sized to operate the pump at the proper speed when used with the existing drive system on Gen III Hemi engines. The hardline adapter moves the power steering hose connection to a more accessible location for easy installation & maintenance. Black anodized finish on the mounting bracket and pulley


  • Low-pressure power steering pump it – use w/ factory low-pressure steering boxes on muscle cars & trucks with Gen III Hemi engine
  • Works with factory “car style” accessory drive system - fits 2003-2008 5.7L & 2005-2010 6.1L Gen III Hemi engines - also fits some 2009-2013 5.7L & 2011-2013 6.4L with 4.34-inch belt spacing (see drawing).
  • Prevents damage to steering box on older vehicles (due to excessive pressure)
  • Billet aluminum mount with black anodized finish – bolts to existing tapped holes on the left side cylinder head of Gen III Hemi engines
  • 6-rib billet aluminum pulley with black anodized finish – sized for proper pump speed
  • Power steering pump assembly includes a plastic reservoir
  • Special hardline moves -6 AN hose connection to a more accessible location

Fits 2003-2008 5.7L & 2005-2010 6.1L Gen III Hemi Engines with "Car Style" factory accessory drive system. Also fits some 2009-2013 5.7L & 2011-2013 6.4L with 4.34" Belt Spacing (see Drawing).

The power steering pulley must be installed using an installation tool that can be rented at most auto parts stores. Incorrect installation of this pulley may damage the power steering pump internals. When installed, the pulley should be flush w/ the end of the pump shaft.

0.88 GPM Low Flow/2.8 GPM High Flow 1200 PSI

Mounting bracket bolts onto the engine w/ 3 tapped holes on the front of the left side cylinder head (some vehicles came from the factory with electric power steering and may not have the 3 tapped holes in the front of the cylinder head).