Holley EFI Gen III HEMI Main Harness Late Crank & Cam Sensors with TPS & IAC Connections for HP EFI & Dominator ECU - 558-116

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Gen III HEMI Main Harness w/Throttle Position Sensor & Idle Air Control, For Late Crank & Cam Sensors, for HP EFI & Dominator EFI, For use with Cable Throttle Body.

Gen III HEMI Harness with TPS and Idle Air Control Connections. This wiring harness interfaces a Holley EFI ECU to a Gen III HEMI engine with an aftermarket cable actuated throttle body. It is meant to be used in conjunction with an injector harness, a coil harness, and two ignition modules. Most stock sensors are used with this harness. There are two optional connectors for interfacing with CAN-based Holley modules.


  • Gen III Hemi Main Harness with IAC motor wiring/connector and TPS wiring/connector for a manual throttle body application
  • Take control of your Gen III HEMI with Holley EFI by controlling fuel and spark. Great for power upgrades and engine swaps.
  • Capable of tuning with power adders such as nitrous, superchargers or turbos and compatible with methanol and water injection
  • Harnesses are available to connect to a Gen III HEMI engine for the most advanced fuel and timing controls available
  • Each Harness is designed in fit and function specifically for the Gen III HEMI engine platform
  • All wiring is TXL grade copper wiring with minimal weight, high temp sleeve in a small diameter
  • Factory style terminations provide a strong, secure connection
  • Connectors are OEM grade for a correct, positive fit
  • Each harness is routed through a split-loom braid for protection and great looks

Installation Instructions

Wiring Diagram

The 558-115 harnesses are for the configurations that use the earlier Chrysler NGC 36-2+2 crank pattern, and the 558-116 harnesses are for the configurations that use the later 60-2 crank pattern.


The TPS and IAC connectors are designed for Holley 4 BBL style throttle bodies. If you are using a different throttle body, you may have to change the pins and connectors.

When using the 558-116 Harness you MUST use a Chrysler 514-9230-AA Crank Sensor. This sensor MUST be used when utilizing a 60-2 Ignition Strategy. This sensor is standard on 2009-12 Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep applications and is a direct replacement sensor for 2013+ engines.