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HHP Ultra-Lite 3-Piece Bolted 17x10 Aluminum Rear Drag Rim, LX & LC Cars HHPDRAGR

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Built to order
High Horse Performance is Veteran Owned & Operated

HHP knows that the best way to get your quarter mile times down is to go with a 17" drag rim package. Watch up to a half second drop off your 60' time with the traction and reduced weight you will get with a 17" drag rim paired with a quality drag radial. Our 19lb wheel is a 3-piece bolted design, chosen for it's versatility and strength. Able to handle big torque loads on the track. These rims are a perfect direct-fit without requiring unsafe wheel spacers that competitors use to make the less expensive "less safe" rims fit. Your safety is our highest priority. 


Wheels are Build to order

Two center piece options available. Being bolted, these center pieces are interchangable if you would like to freshen your look in the future. Contact HHP for other center options. *17" wheels required a shortened sway bar end link for fitment on Hemi vehicles.*

Package Includes:

  • Lightweight 17x10 Rim
  • Optional Solid One-Piece Lugnuts
Tires Options: Both M&H, Hoosier and Mickey Thompson tires fit in addition to several other brands unavailable through HHP. Several options are listed below. If you are picking up your tires at HHP, contact us regarding mounting and balancing services.