HHP Racing Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid Dipstick

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Wondering how to check the transmission fluid level on your NAG1 equiped HEMI? Easy, you have to use this dip stick tool. All dealerships have these, but most performance shops do not. If you are running an aftermarket torque converter or doing any service or upgrades to your transmission, this tool will be a huge help. Don't risk ruining your transmission because it is under-filled or over-filled. This tool is worth it's weight in gold. Works with all HEMI equiped cars and Jeep. Also works with the new 8-Speed transmissions as well!

NOTE: This tool does not stay in the transmission dipstick tube. It is used to check the fluid level and them removed. For a permanent dipstick indicator please check out B&M parts 22300, 22301, 22302