HHP Racing COMP Cams HRT Camshaft Package for 03-08 5.7L & 05-10 6.1L

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With limited availability in the post pandemic world of the Comp Cams HRT HEMI Cam Kits (CK) and Master Kits (MK) we've put this package together using all of the parts we regularly use and heavily rely on in our builds here at HHP in order to get your HRT cam package on it's way with all of the parts you actually need to complete your install.

If you have a 2006-2010 6.1L HEMI Car or Jeep you will need:

  • Comp Cams HRT Camshaft (included)
  • Our PSI Valve Spring and Titanium Retainer Kit (Add Unless You Are Ordering Our Stage 2 Ported 6.1 Heads Or Similar)

If you have a 2003-2008 5.7L HEMI Car, Jeep or Ram you will need:

  • Comp Cams HRT Camshaft (included)
  • MOPAR OEM Head Bolts & Gaskets (Add On)
  • MOPAR Non-MDS Heavy Duty Lifters (Add On)
  • Our PSI Valve Spring and Titanium Retainer Kit (Add Unless You Are Ordering Our Stage 3 Ported Heads Or Similar)
  • 6.1L Pushrods (5.7L factory base circle is .030 smaller than 6.1L requiring the 6.1L's longer pushrods)(Add On)

5.7L cars must remove the weaker MDS lifters from the engine in order to run one of these more aggressive camshafts and the only way to change the lifters is to remove the heads off of the engine, requiring new head bolts and gaskets.

Special Notes:
1. Custom Tuning is Required For All Camshaft Changes.

*For more information, please give HHP a call today.

Camshaft Options:

  • 112-300-11: 216/222 (269/271 Advertised) Stage 1 5.7/6.1L (no springs required)
  • 112-303-11: 220/230 (273/279 Advertised) Stage 2 5.7/6.1L
  • 112-305-11: 224/234 (277/283 Advertised) Stage 3 5.7L
  • 112-330-11: 221/229 (279/287 Advertised) Stage 1 Turbocharged 5.7/6.1L
  • 112-332-11: 229/237 (287/295 Advertised) Stage 2 Turbocharged 5.7L
  • 112-335-11: 221/233 (279/291 Advertised) Stage 1 Supercharged 5.7/6.1L
  • 112-337-11: 229/241 (287/299 Advertised) Stage 2 Supercharged 5.7L