HHP Racing 7.2L 438ci Aluminum Forged Stroker Hemi Short Block by BES Racing Engines

Product Code: HHP438ALSB
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High Horse Performance is Veteran Owned & Operated
Our Sport Series HEMI Aluminum short blocks are designed for the average street and strip customer.
This custom 6.1L based 438ci Aluminum Stroker built exclusively for HHP by Tony Bischoff and BES Racing Engines (Winner of the 2006, 2007 and with a Gen 3 HEMI, the 2010 Engine Masters Challenge!) is a great option for customers looking for a premium engine built by the best engine shop in the country. Available for all NA and supercharged, turbocharged or Nitrous injected vehicles, these motors are designed to easily handle over 800 horsepower without upgrades. Combine it with our HHP/BES Ported & Polished Heads and one of our custom HHP/BES Stroker camshafts and you're on your way to having a fully streetable car you can both kill the competition on the track and confidently drive across the country and back with no issues. As with all of our motor packages, with HHP you are not just receiving an awesome engine package, but you are getting our expert tech support which runs 16 hours a day, most days. We are here to make sure you are another great HHP success story. Your satisfaction depends on it.
*Actual product may differ from photo

Fully machined and assembled by the engine experts at BES, this Sport Series stroker comes with the following Rotator package:
  • Forged Crankshaft
  • Forged Connecting Rods
  • 2618 Alloy Forged Pistons
  • Gen3 Performance Parts Aluminum H3MI Block
*ATI Damper not included but recommended with your shortblock purchase.
Research: Compare this short block to that offered by our competitors. We released our Street and Sport series premium motors due to customer requests for a far better assembled motor using the more economical and affordable engine parts that our competitors use. We invite you to do an apples-to-apples comparison. Why take a chance with motors being built in someones garage behind their house when you can have the same parts in your motor many our competitors use and have the peace of mind that only comes with a motor built by the number one professional engine shop in the country, BES Racing Engines, for the same price. Everyone knows that there is horsepower in the machining and BES will ensure you get the best quality engine built, from proper expert balancing to final assembly.
Balanced & Blue Printed: All blocks are sonic tested for integrity and thickness. All engines are professionally balanced and blue printed. Blue Prints available to customers upon request at time of purchase.
Optional Upgrades: For BES to put their name on an engine, our kits come standard with many of the upgrades our competitors have to up-sell you on. Other upgrades our competition may try and up-sell you on are not needed and are many times discouraged as they may actually rob your motor of horsepower and longevity. Our standard engines meet the needs of the average stroker customer and we make one basic recommendation for High Compression strokers, Low Compression strokers built for 20+ psi boost, Low Compression nitrous injected strokers seeing over 15psi boost, and also Nitrous Engines with intentions of using over a 350 shot, combined total, and this is the ARP Main Bolt and Head Stud upgrade for internal integrity and to prevent lifting a head on engines seeing extremely high cylinder pressures.

For More Information: Please call us at 888-894-1115 for more info regarding this engine and what you will need to successfully complete the transformation of your vehicle into one of the baddest vehicles the HEMI world has ever seen. Let our experts help you plan out your build. At HHP, we carry EVERY part you will need to complete your entire stroker build, and since we are a chain of installation shops as well, we can provide everything from inhouse installation and tuning to tech support and email tuning for the do-it-yourself mechanics.