HHP Dynamic Fuel Injector Cleaning Service - Per Injector

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MSRP: $39.95
High Horse Performance is Veteran Owned & Operated

At HHP this is our most popular service featuring a full teardown and ultrasonic cleaning followed by a complete rebuild of all seals & filters and finishes with our industry leading dynamic flow testing process. All of your results are laid out in an easy to read report. Testing is performed before and after the service so you can see the improvements.

Recommend for any vehicle that has higher mileage (40K+), especially on higher performance vehicles and new builds re-using the injectors. Highly recommended on vehicles using Ethanol (E85) since they can get clogged up with ethanol. Any vehicle that comes in for engine service should highly consider this service as well.

Pricing is PER EACH Injector. If you are sending in 8 injectors please add 8 to the cart, ETC. Please fill out the text field with what Injectors you are sending. We will email you an RMA form once order is placed.