HHP Dual Boost 850HP-1000HP Stage 2 Installation Package for 18-21 Jeep Trackhawk & 21, 23-24 Durango SRT Hellcat

Product Code: HHPHCSTG2TH
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MSRP: $8,495.00
High Horse Performance is Veteran Owned & Operated

High Horse Performance Jeep Trackhawk/Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat Dual Boost Package is the best package on the market for power and safety. Installed and Tuned in House at HHP, this package increases the output of your Jeep Trackhawk to 850bhp-1000bhp

Package Includes:

  • Metco 18PSI Pulley
  • Metco 15PSI Pulley
  • NGK Spark Plugs
  • Gates HD Belt
  • K&N Drop-In Filter
  • Mishimoto 180 degree Thermostat
  • ATI 10% Overdrive Balancer w/Pin Kit
  • Stainless Works Catted Mid Pipes with "Track Day" Option
  • Unlocked PCM (Yours or Diablosports)
  • Dyno Tuning By The Best (Diablosport i3 Tuner or Diablosport T2 Tuner) (Tuning to Include 93 Octane Low Boost Tuning and Q16/C16 High Boost Tuning)
  • Injector Dynamics Fuel Injectors
  • Professional Installation Labor
  • MOPAR Factory Coolant
  • Z-Automotive SGW Bypass
  • For customers opting to have their original PCM's unlocked instead of doing the core swap or purchasing a new PCM, this selection will add approximately 1 week to the typical build time or longer.