HHP/BES Stage 1 Ported & Polished Heads, Intake & Custom Camshaft Installation Package for 06-10 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

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Working with noted Engine Builder Tony Bischoff of BES Racing Engines, Winner of the 2006 JEGS Engine Masters Challenge and one of the best engine builders in the US today, we have developed a new line of 6.1L Cams and Ported and Polished Heads & Intakes specifically made for the 6.1L SRT-8 engine. Our Stage 1 package is designed by HHP and BES to make incredible amounts of power while at the same time allowing you to keep your programming stock, and when it comes to the 2007 Model Year Jeeps, this is extremely important since programming won't be out until possibly as late as mid-summer for these Jeeps. Keep your SRT-8 streetable with no loss in driveability - a problem plaguing most aftermarket combinations. Our HHP/BES packages are tested and safe enough to use on an everyday driver while giving you an edge over the competition at the track. Package Includes: * HHP Ported & Polished Heads and Intake Manifold * HHP Stage 1 Custom 6.1L Camshaft * All Required Bolts/Gaskets * Oil Change w/ Royal Purple Synthetic Oil * Expert Installation at HHP Custom Cam Specs: Gross Valve Lift: 0.524 Intake /0.531 Exhaust Duration @ .006 Tappet Lift: 265 Intake / 273 Exhaust Duration at .050: 212 Intake / 220 Exhaust Lobe Lift and Lobe Separation: A special combination designed specifically to run with the 6.1L engine and stock computer. Even we are amazed at how well the SRT-8 takes to our Stage 1 package with no additional tuning added. This package has been fully tested and your SRT-8 will operate beautifully with absolutely NO SIDE-EFFECTS!!! Idle is smooth as can be and the additional power is extremely noticeable. Availability: If you are interested, give us a call at 888-894-1115. Let our trained and Chrysler Certified tech's install your Stage 1 package for you and you're guaranteed to have no problems. Nobody knows these cars better that our highly trained tech's. With our Stage 1 package, from the outside you visually cannot tell that any work has been done to your vehicle. The only sign is the additional power and an awesome exhaust sound that lets others know that you've got a monster under the hood. Additional Options: 1. Add in Kooks Long Tube Headers to your installation and receive FREE header installation! 2. Show off your power by adding in our external intake manifold polishing and receive considerable discounts when you purchase it together with this package. Make your engine bay shine! CALL US TODAY AT 888-894-1115 FOR MORE INFO ON THIS PACKAGE AND ANY OF OUR OTHER SRT-8 PERFORMANCE PACKAGES.