HHP/BES Stage 1 268 Base Custom Cam Installation Package for 05-10 SRT8

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Working with noted Engine Builder Tony Bischoff of BES Racing Engines (Winner of the 2006 & 2007 JEGS Engine Masters Challenge) we have developed a new line of HEMI Cams. Each Cam is specially designed, or we should say redesigned, to work better than any other manufacturers cams on the market with the New MDS HEMI. We examined all of the driveability issues and our new redesign addresses all of the problems with the current aftermarket cams including the idling and roughness that have previously been unavoidable. We're extremely confident that our Stage 1 HHP/BES Cam will beat the competition in power and performance. All of our Stage 1 cams are designed to work without the need for computer tuning, saving you hundreds of dollars, though we expect even larger gains will be seen with all of our cams if combined with tuning. Dyno testing of this cam combined with custom Diablo Tuning showed gains of over 40 RWHP. Ask us about our custom Stage 1 SRT-8 Tunes to get the most out of your performance upgrades. SPECS: Gross Valve Lift: .524 Intake & .531 Exhaust Tappet Lift at 0.006 Duration: 265/Intake & 273/Exhaust Valve Timing at 0.050 for Intake: 11-/Open & 43/Close Valve Timing at 0.050 for Exhaust: 47/Open & 7-/Close Lobe Separation and Lobe Lift: A special combination designed specifically to run flawlessly with the 6.1L engine. Availability: In stock, ready for installation. Let our expert techs who are trained and certified by Chrysler on your vehicle do the installation and you'll never have anything to worry about. We are the experts in this field and stand behind out parts and our work. Notes: 1. This Installation Package includes all incidentals, including all required gaskets, seals, etc. 2. Installation Packages include any fluids required & Oil Change performed using Royal Purple Oil & K&N Performance Oil Filter. If you are interested in having anything else done at the same time, just let us know. Our tech's are awesome and trained on these vehicles which is why most manufacturer's recommend us as the leading East Coast installer for the HEMI vehicle's. The shops that are good enough to work on these vehicles know enough about them to not want to work on them while the shops that don't know these vehicles well enough say they can and screw things up majorly. We've fixed plenty of other shops screwups. Don't trust just anyone to work on your baby.