HHP/BES Custom Limiter Street/Strip VVT Camshaft for 21-24 RAM TRX

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*Positive Displacement Superchargers: Stock IHI, Kennebell, Edelbrock, Whipple, Magnacharger
*Centrifugal Superchargers: Procharger, Vortech

Chances are you don't know enough about Variable Valve Timing (VVT) camshafts to select the best one for your build and you don't trust the guys who claim to know what they're talking about online because at the end of the day their car's simply just not fast. How do you choose a cam for your VVT Hellcat? We would recommend taking a look at proven track records.

For 6.2L Hellcat Engines: You asked for it! We've fully tested this cam to make sure we were providing a strong cam that makes power and it's finally ready! You will need to upgrade your Valve Springs & Retainers and add in the Comp Phase Limiter Kit as well to your order.

HHP teamed up with legendary engine builder Tony Bischoff of BES Racing Engines over a decade ago to put out the fastest Gen3 HEMI's in the world and BES and HHP have been the tip of the sword in the world of HEMI horsepower ever since. Bischoff's custom VVT camshaft designs perform unlike any other camshafts on the market, and you will get results. If you want power, they deliver. Here's the proof: Tony Bischoff and his BES team showed the world, again, what the Gen3 motor can do with one of his custom camshafts when he won The Amsoil 2014 Engine Masters Challenge again in 2014 with a VVT HEMI. The man is untouchable in the world of HEMI's!!!

Need more proof? The world's fastest Gen3 HEMI's have all come out of HHP. HHP builds fast cars, HHP uses BES Racing Engines and custom BES designed camshafts, HHP wins! It's a winning combination you can put to work for you, too. 



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