DRE Quick Release Engine Diaper for 15-23 Challenger & Charger SRT Hellcat

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Exclusively custom made by DRE Engine Diapers for HHP these Kevlar Engine Diapers are what you need to be track legal if your ride is required to run one of these per NHRA rules. The fabric used does not absorb oil, compared to ballistic nylon which soaks up oil. 

Sportsman Kevlar diapers are made of very durable, waterproof material which is easy to clean and has removable pads. They should last for years. No recertification needed. Kevlar is a high performance, light weight, thin, durable, flame-resistant material. If it’s good enough for bullet-proof vests, then it’s good enough for your engine diaper!

What does an engine diaper do?

  • When installed properly, an engine diaper (or lower engine containment device) will keep oil and debris from getting onto the track.

How hard is it to install?

  • It’s very easy to install! Because we incorporated quick release buckles and 4 simple straps, they install simply and snugly around your engine.

Why do I need an engine diaper?

  • First and foremost, safety. A DRE engine diaper is much cheaper than replacing a car. Having a DRE engine diaper also means less track downtime and there are IHRA and NHRA requirements. 

DRE Engine Diapers are made in Cerro Gordo, IL, USA.