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Complete Fuel Systems

To help select the correct fuel system you need to know the max horsepower level your build is designed to achieve. While the L1 Kit is good up to 800 horsepower maximum, the more advanced L2, L3 and L4 kits are capable of supporting 1600HP on gas or more. The difference between L2, L3 nd L4 is just line routing in reference to the regulator and fuel rails:

  • L2 = feed enters fuel rails in horseshoe pattern with regulator at the end of the series (Most Popular)
  • L3 = feed enters regulator then disburses fuel to individual rails (Least Popular)
  • L4 = feed is split by a Y-Block and enters both rails in parallel before coming back together at the regulator

Dual or Triple Pump option is all about your required fuel volume and pump demand. You need more than enough pump but having way too much pump produces unnecessary heat as well. Feel free to contact us for our recommendation.