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DJ Safety Flexible Ballistic Engine Diaper for 05-21 Gen3 HEMI 5.7L/6.1L/6.4L/6.2L RWD Car

Product Code: 730392
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Pushing the limits of your Gen3 HEMI and want to make sure that you stay as safe as possible at the track? Tech inspection giving you a hard time? Then you need this custom fit engine diaper from DJ Safety! For Front Sump OEM Oil Pans. Meets SFI Specification 7.2. Mounts using original exhaust manifold & header hardware. 



Stock Oil Pan 730392

Moroso 11 Quart Oil Pan 730392.MOR

Hellephant Engine and/or Oil Pan 730392.Hellephant


Optional Upgrades:

1. Add Rearward Facing Straps to tighten towards rear of the oil pan for extra insurance. 

2. Add Kevlar Straps instead of standard nylon mounting straps, great if you're worried about the headers being too close to blanket or engines that run higher operating temps like street based cars.

3. Add Reinforced Kevlar Silver Side Panels for additional added protection in the case of a major failure.


*This diaper will make it hard to change your oil. We still recommend changing your oil, though. :)