DISCONTINUED Whipple Superchargers WK-3500-HR-38 Gen 5 3.8L Hot Rod Competition Kit for 15-23 SRT Hellcat, Demon & Redeye

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High Horse Performance is Veteran Owned & Operated

The long awaited, yet again, record-breaking Gen 5 3.8L supercharger system is here for your Demon, Challenger & Charger SRT Hellcat! The 3.8L Whipple Twin-Screw supercharger boasts insane, never heard of power potential compared to previous supercharger designs. Geared towards larger cubic inch stroker engines or stock cubic inch engines that are going all out racing, the Whipple 3.8L will deliver the results you are looking for.

Using the same technology that powers the 2021 Dodge Drag Pak, the Gen 5 uses Whipple’s patent pending dual pass, dual intercooler to achieve twice the amount of charge air cooling than any other supercharger system on the market. Couple that with the new 3x4 rotor combination, and the Whipple makes more power than any other positive displacement supercharger available today. The Gen 5 features billet supercharger rotors, machined right here in the USA at our facility in Fresno, CA. Whipple billet rotors are far superior to the stock cast rotors that fail with overspeed. The Gen 5 rotors are the latest in twin-screw technology, which offer higher efficiency levels over a broader RPM range, cooler air charge temperature and less power consumption than any of the stock 2.4, 2.7 or 3.0 offerings.

HR Supercharger system features:

  • Billet Housing
  • Includes manufacturer's blower porting
  • Massive, dual pass, dual core intercooler technology for twice the cooling area of any other PD SC for 6.2L
  • Inverted design allows for oversized intercooler, each core is 2.125” thick, dual pass = 4.25” thick core
  • Dual in, dual out intercooler for increased water flow
  • 130mm snout opening
  • Billet rotors far superior to cast rotors for high rpm operation
  • Superior profile with shorter leak path
  • Thrust retaining system for better bearing support
  • Massive air inlet for high flow 
  • Includes billet Whipple -8 rails, NO Lines
  • Works with stock belt system and optional balancer options
  • Works with electronic bypass control
  • Works with stock TMAP sensors
  • New over bearing 5-bolt supercharger pulleys
  • Billet bearing plate and oil cover
  • Does Not Include Throttle body (Nick Williams 130mm Hellcat Throttle body)
  • Custom colors available

High Capacity Intercooler Upgrade Available:

For max power with the Gen 5 Whipple, the larger intercooler upgrade includes the larger dragpak cooling bricks and a spacer that raises your lid to accommodate for them. We use these on the Whipple Hellcats we race and have experienced power increases in the 40 to 50 horsepower range when used with ice boxes for cooling at the track. This upgrade raises the lid up approximately 1" additional and we found it to require the use of a custom hood or high rise hood such as the Anderson Composites.

Important Notes:

Hot Rod kits by Whipple are race only versions of their superchargers and not complete kits. This kit is designed for the racer, and although it includes an OEM based bypass valve preinstalled, it does not include a throttle body. The snout is designed for the Nick Williams 130mm Throttle body which is coming to market shortly and we will have available as soon as it is ready. The 120mm Nick Williams is currently available but requires use of the Whipple WTB-HC130SPR 130mm to 120mm adapter plate. This kit includes billet fuel rails but no lines or fittings. You will need to add fuel lines, fittings and a required fuel pressure sensor. Supercharger cooling inlet/outlet line fittings are -12AN and custom lines are required. If you plan on running factory style lines and would like to have 3/4" barbed fittings swapped in during manufacturing let us know and we can special request this for you.


While others "claim" to be leaders, the truth is simple; Whipple Superchargers are the true pioneers of twin-screw supercharging. For over 23 years, Whipple has led the industry with innovation after innovation. Whipple has more experience in supercharging applications than any other twin-screw or Eaton based positive displacement supercharger manufacturer. Whipple Superchargers brought the twin-screw supercharger to the US automotive market and has pioneered the "bolt-on" supercharger business. While others try to copy or follow, Whipple continues to develop new superchargers and new systems that not only look like a piece of art, but they also outperform the competition.