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Diablosport Predator 2 Platinum Performance (SUPPORTS CUSTOM TUNING) Tuner For Dodge, Chrysler Applications - 7310

Product Code: 7310
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MSRP: $372.95
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The DiabloSport Predator 2 product line has been a huge success with extensive coverage and its extremely affordable price point. Now with the P2 Platinum lineup, the Predator 2 offers even more functionality. P2 Platinum SKUs include CMR custom tuning capability in addition to the pre-loaded DiabloSport tunes. The P2 Platinum also features extended data logging and other features that expand its function for CMR custom tuning. Order your Predator 2 Platinum and equip your vehicle with extreme performance, value and quality.

NOTE: Unlocked PCM required for use on 2015+ Vehicles.

Predator 2 Platinum Features:

  • Ability to Load 10+ Custom Tunes
  • $329.95 Price Point
  • Drag and Drop Loading of Custom Tuning Files
  • Easy to Use Handheld Design
  • Pre-loaded with DiabloSport Tunes for Economy, Towing or Performance
  • EGS53 Custom Tuning Support
  • ZF 8 Speed Transmission Support
  • Data Logging Support
  • Read/Clear DTCs
  • Active Fuel Management Adjustment
  • Speed/Rev Limiter Adjustment
  • Tire Size/Gear Ratio Adjustment

  • Performance programs add horsepower and economy
  • User adjustable options like tire size, gears, shifting and more
  • High speed OBD-II Data Logging Reads/Clears Diagnostic Codes
  • USB for updates and downloads
  • Part numbers specific to various vehicle categories