Darrell Cox Racing 9lb Lithium Battery Kit for 06-19 Challenger & Charger

Product Code: DCR-9LB-BK-LX
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High Horse Performance is Veteran Owned & Operated

This DCR Dodge 9 Pound Lithium Battery Kit is the lightest high-power battery available for your Challenger and Charger! The factory batteries are heavy at 48 pounds and only have 720 cold cranking amps. The DCR Lithium Battery is a direct fit unit and has 1200 cold cranking amps! The reserve capacity is 200 versus the factory battery at 140. These batteries are all custom made in house at DCR. Real carbon fiber top plate and all aluminum base plate that allows direct factory placement into your existing factory battery tray. These take advantage of weight savings allowing quicker acceleration on the street and better time slips at the track. Expect 3-5 hundredths quicker times. One year replacement warranty.

Optional Battery Maintainer

DCR Car Battery Maintainer. Mounts to vehicle permanently. Input voltage: 110V AC. Output voltage: 13.8V - 14.8V @ 1.3 Amps. Automatic trickle charging without over charging. Short Circuit protection. Over current protection. Multicolored LED display for charging status. Red LED is on when charging. Green LED comes on when fully charged. Keeps batteries maintained all year round and battery from freezing in real cold climates. Tuck away in cool dry area of engine bay with supplied wire ties. Connect to battery terminals permanently. Connect extension cord from your garage or home. Leave connected until you're ready to go. Disconnect extension cord before starting vehicle. Supplements stock battery and all aftermarket battery kits including small battery kits. This is compatible with lead acid (AGM) or Lithium style batteries.