Brisk Hemi Race Plug, Set of 16 Spark Plugs, Projected Tip, for 800-1000 BHP (2009+ 5.7L HEMI, 2015+ 6.2L HELLCAT) - ER14YS

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Projected Tip (YS) Plug designed for use with naturally aspirated or boosted GEN3 HEMI applications that use a crush sleeve spark plug fitment (not tapered seat).

For Nitrous Applications we recommend the non-projected plugs (end in S), not this projected plug (YS).

Low Required Supplied Ignition Voltage - this is acheived by utilization of optimized diameter Silver center electrode, along with tapered ground electrodes. Silver is the best thermal and electrical conductor of all metals and provides far superior electron flow for best possible spark delivery from the spark plug.

This spark plug feature is beneficial in forced induction applications, or applications where the ignition system is pushed to the limit in modified power applications, and applications with hard to ignite fuels such as alcohol, LPG, Nitromethane and other.

Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plug Lower Required Supplied Ignition Voltage is also beneficial for easier cold starts and operation under partially fouled spark plug condition caused by A/F management problems, oil consumption and other.

Small diameter of the spark plug center electrode allows for thicker ceramic insulator walls and increased distance between the spark plug center electrode and spark plug shell walls.

Increased spark plug center el. to spark plug shell distance, and spark plug special thick design insulator provides exceptional spark plug dielectric strength, and keeps the spark plug from dielectric break down, and or spark blow out in the most extreme working environments.

Silver Fine Wire Center Electrode Tapered Ground Electrode Special High Dialectic Strength Insulator Silver is the Best Electric and Heat Conductor Superior Ignition Ability Increases Engine Power Lower Required Supplied Ignition Voltage Good Resistance to Fouling and Easier Starts